Additional Options For You

While the Kiddie Wave Rider comes with everything you need to use it, there are some nice additions that you might find to be very convenient.

Weather Proof Carrying Case - $49.95


The remote control for the Kiddie Wave Rider comes in a padded cardboard box. But cardboard isn't very durable around water.

So we offer a weather proof, dust proof, durable case, as an option.

This case does more than protect the remote control unit. It also makes room for the battery charger for the batteries in the remote control.

And it has room for the larger battery charger for the lithium battery that is built-in the Kiddie Wave Rider, and which powers the thruster and steering and remote receiver.

It allows you to get everything you need into one nice case.


Opening the lid of the case shows the small charger in the middle. There is room for spare batteries in this area as well. On the right and across the top is the charger and its cables for charging the big battery inside the Kiddie Wave Rider. And at the left, you see just the control wheel of the remote control unit.


When you lift off the block of foam protecting the Remote Control, you see just how well it is protected. But beside protection, it is just very convenient to have all of these peripheral devices all in one place, in a rugged case with a carrying handle.

Water bags for extra weight for very small riders - $12.95


Some of the smallest riders don't weigh enough to fully submerge the thruster at the back of the Kiddie Wave Rider. So, the thruster blows air as well as water through its ducted fan.

A simple solution is to drape some extra weight over the back of the seat.

These water bags are light and easy to carry along. But when you fill them with water, they can act like "saddle bags" and provide just the right amount of additional weight.

They are held in place by a velcro strap, between the two bags.


Here is how they look in use. They are held in place by an adjustable velcro strap. So they are quick to add when needed, for small, light weight kids.