The Kiddie Waver Rider is designed to be a durable, reliable boat



The Kiddie Wave Rider is molded from Impact Resistant ABS UV-Protected plastic. The bottom half of the KWR consists of two pontoons which are filled with closed-cell foam and are sealed to be water tight. The KWR is unsinkable, and because of the foam, remains unsinkable even if a hole were blown in the side. The foam also gives more weight to the bottom which adds to the stability of the KWR.

The top shell houses all of the electronics. The Wave Rider uses a "drive by wire" system which means that the Kid steering the unit is driving an electronic sensor and using an electronic throttle. The remote control also drives the electronic sensor and electronic throttle. A special multiplexer board, which is activated by the Remote Control system, electronically switches between the two sources of control, instantly. This allows the parent to take control, or turn control back over to the kid on the unit.

The drive shaft is steel tubing. The steering arms and shaft are steel tubing. Rotation points use special waterproof bearings that never need lubrication. The height of the steering shaft is adjustable.

The thruster uses water bearings and the motor is water cooled. It should never be run out of the water. But this means that the bearings are also maintenance free. Other than charging the battery, there is no maintenance required to keep the Wave Rider running.

The top half of the outer shell can be removed, which gives total access to all of the components, should the battery ever need replacing, or some other component should fail. It is very serviceable, and replacement parts are available, should they ever be needed. A video will be posted on this website, showing how to service the unit.